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In Dimension 5, Probability 47 (Glassatonis) Evil Overlord Jubz (sounds cute but she is EVIL!) rules a planet overrun with fear of constant punishment. Foretold by the native tribes was a tale of odds like never before, three chosen adventurers against the royal army of fifteen thousand. But this tale starts nowhere other then a secluded grove in the Forest of Sinister Tidings where we meet our Chosen Ones.

"Why do I even put up with this!?"

"Why do I even put up with you!?"


With a thud the unconscious body of a male falls from a tree and stops the bickering between the strangers.

"OH MY GOD!" screamed the older of the two strangers "do you think he's dead?!"

"He can't be dead he's still breathing you sparrow brained moron!" the youngest retorted.

"ELDERDASH! You're sooo mean!"

"So what Unohona, it's just who I am. An arcane Guardian from another dimension sent here on a mission." explained Elderdash.

"Oh Well aren't you just the greatest your highness of Laa dee daa" joked Unohona.

"Well it isn't my fault your people thought we were gods and worshiped us" corrected Elderdash, "and you didn't have to come with me you should have just stayed home with everyone else and hoped I saved them all."

"SAVE THEM!?!?! You were the one chosen to rule the world and then you get sent off on some stupid mission in another dimension that no one has ever been able to complete before! Oooh save the cheerleader, save the world? And what is with the…."

"Shut up fool he's waking up!" interrupted Elderdash.

"Ugh, my head, it feels like I was hit by another sleep spe…."
Shocked by the sight of the two onlookers Oshey stoped mid sentence. "Wah!! Who are you!?!?" His sudden outburst lit the trees in the grove on fire.

"FIRE!!!!!" screamed Unohona as she ran around in circles, changing her form every couple of second into an unknown creature, trying to put the fire out.

"It's happening again!" stated Oshey as he ran in circles, the opposite direction to Unohona, trying to stop the mess he started.

Elderdash stared into the nothing that a tree had become. "Kill the sadistic Overlord Jubz to save the galaxy, while looking after two of honourable rank that aren't all there." She takes her hand and hits herself in the head "facepalm! I didn't know the two I'd be forced to work with would behave like… Hrm what's a good enough word… Retards! That's a perfect word!"

With the insult of both Oshey and Unohona, a deafening crack was heard as Oshey skidded to a halt into a burning tree, as Unohona turns into a turtle, and, because of the momentum, rolls to a stop in front of Elderdash.

"We're not retards!" chimed Unohona and Oshey

Elderdash looks condescendingly at Oshey "You're on fire…." She stated

"FIRE!!!!!" Screamed Oshey as the flames engulfed his entire body. Before the two onlookers could do anything the fire was absorbed into Oshey and a bright flash flew outwards knocking Unohona to the ground.

"Son of a…." Cried Unohona as her vision started to return to her "what in the world could possibly do something like that?!"

"I, Oshey of Unagandras, am Firelord of the Realm, and have returned to overpower the Evil Overlord Jubz, and return to my Kingdom"

"Funny…" stated Elderdash still standing and looking unfazed "he seems more in control of his Auma then he did before"

"He has a funny robe like you Elderdash!" Unohona pointed out.

"Our robes are not the same at all!" Elderdash retorted with a snort "Mine's been crafted from my intellect, while his is draining his Auma, creating a robe of cold flames."

"Hahahahaha! He's on fire again!" kidded Unohona.

"I am absent minded one, but I have finally been awoken after my last battle with Jubz" informed Oshey

"You… k..know her?" stuttered Elderdash.

"We are both lords of different clans, and I've been following her through Probabilities trying to sedate her and return to our real Probability in Dimension 1."

"Dimension 1!" Gasped Elderdash "Your Royalty Then!"

"I am, but do not bow your head before me!" Commanded Oshey "I can sense you are an Arcanan, and your friend a Natauren, You must be from Dimension 2 then?"

"Hai!" Elderdash slurred as she spoke her native language "I am Queen Elderdash of Arcanum and this" Elderdash points to Unohona "is Unohona, a great warrior for her people, she is the Natauren with the most forms to take."

"Ah royal blood is shared by all then" celebrated Oshey

"Oh my god! A butterfly!" screamed Unohona in the background, as she tried to catch it in her net like horns.

"Uhh… she isn't all there at the moment" explained Elderdash.

"Yes, but in due time her reason will be known to every living thing in every Dimension." foretold Oshey

"But Overlord Jubz still rules this probability with an iron grip!" reminded Elderdash

"Yes but a surprise attack from inside her castle will weaken her fast!" explained Oshey "rip the very fabric of time and move us to her castle so we can begin the struggle against her royal army!"

"Unohona were leaving!" exclaimed Elderdash as she started the incantation.

"Ooh and adventure to somewhere different!" cried Unohona in surprise, releasing the butterfly from her horns; she walks over to the Queen.

The instant they are through the rip, Oshey conjures a fire shield around them forcing anyone around to retreat to safe ground to not get burnt. The effort needed to hold the rip open for the extended period of time drained the Queen of her robe and was left standing there in a blouse and a pair of short shorts.

"WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!?" screamed Elderdash at the Narrator "I NEEDED THAT ROBE AND YOU TOOK IT AWAY!"

An evil laugh echoed around the room as the Overlord appeared from a brazier of blue flame. The sudden appearance of an Auma that big knocked Unohona to the ground.

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" the enraged Unohona screamed.

She ran towards the overlord but stopped in her tracks as ten thousand of the royal army appeared from the shadows and primed for a final blow.

"Move another step and I'll use your head on my trophy wall!" scolded Jubz

The dazed Unohona moved back towards Elderdash.

"Oh to hell with it," blurted Jubz "Kill them and don't stop 'till the bodies have stopped twitching"

A small proportion of the army lunged but stopped in mid-air by an invisible force.

"Move out and take them down one by one!" commanded Elderdash.

A slice penetrates the arm of Oshey's robe. Untouched he bellows out with a laugh that fills the room. The army and the Overlord look towards the man that made the cut at Oshey, just in time to see the blade catch fire and melt.

"The table has turned Jubz! You once made me forget who I was! You once took me away from my family! Now its your turn to suffer!" Oshey's voice boomed around the room as every blade in the army caught fire and melted into a puddle of molten steel."

"You forgot who I really am, didn't you Master?!" cackled Jubz as the room floods with shadows "you forgot who you really trained! Who saved you! Who LOVED you!" as she continued on Elderdash and Unohona were lifted off the ground, hands clutched at their throat, as the darkness filled into their lungs, making it hard to breath.

"STOP!" Oshey cried out, the darkness lightened a little, and Elderdash and Unohona gasped for precious breath.

"You weren't the apprentice I took in all those years ago! You changed after that night in the forest! You would never hurt anyone!" continued Oshey as the dark lightened ever so slightly.


The darkness dispersed completely and the army was back upon them, new blades in hand. Elderdash held against a wall, mouth gagged as to stop the spells from rolling off her tongue and Unohona, swords pierced through each ankle to break her concentration and stop her from changing shape. The rest of the army turned its gaze towards Oshey. 9,980 against one Firelord, chances were that the Jubz would get bored and call it off, but she seemed determined to kill him this time. Oshey puts his hands together and screams


A flash of light burns the army to dust that floats away on the wind. All that remained was the cape of Overlord Jubz, Unohona, Elderdash and Oshey. Relief washes over Oshey as he finds no evidence of the Overlord's escape.

After making sure that Elderdash and Unohona were both ok, Oshey grabs the cape and turns to his accomplices.

"Come visit me if you ever get the chance" Oshey says before fire engulfs him and there is no more trace of the Firelord form Dimension 1.

"How does going home for some Sushi sound?" ask Elderdash

"Great idea! My treat!" replied Unohona

"Don't you go forgetting me!" cried the Overlord as she jumps to the ground from a pillar.

"Oh, we won't" the pair chimed.

An echo filled the castle. The echo of an evil laugh of three mages walking home through Time and Space to plan Oshey's Demise over some well deserved Sushi.
English Essay On Nothing in Particular
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